Taste of Nusantara

Few months ago, RMP – one of the three members of Uwalmassa, Indonesian experimental music project – released an EP called Rekanan on Jakarta based label DIVISI62. RMP is closely linked with a thick jazz background. During his production process he always deliver the sound journey he passed through, keeping the taste of Nusantara as a strong musical element. Let’s get to know more about him.

When did you start to make music?
I have been making music since 2007. At that time I was producing a genre far different from today. In 2015 I started to be more focused on sound exploration, groove improvisation and music influences. Nusantara and Electronics, both contemporary and old.

Is there any story behind the title Rekanan?
The word rekanan means partner and come from the name of groups or individuals who secretely support the Government, a kind of behind the scene players. But in this context, rekanan are defined as brokers or unofficial intermediaries, people close to the Mafia behaviour.

Are there any other projects besides RMP & Uwalmassa?
There will be a new release on DIVISI62 with one of my other alias monikers. Beside that, I also produce for other musicians/MCs in the Indonesian Pop scene. I used to call this the “under the mountain” project, while my work with DIVISI62 is the “on top of the mountain” project.

Any plans for RMP in the future?
Releasing new music either on cassettes or vinyl.

What are the things that you cannot forget when you produce?
Honesty and originality. During the creation process we must be honest with ourselves in order to drive our creativity according to our vision, to deliver the message properly and, of course, we need to be satisfied and feeling it.

Why did you choose to make music?
Music is what has been always close to me, either in a good or a bad moment. I feel blessed for the heritage and knowledge I got, for the ability to hear, feel and see the music from other perspectives. This was my natural flow to make music.

Last but not least, what instrument do you use the most?
Percussive and strings instrument are always up in my sleeves.

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