Casual Dance / Energyroom Sostenes ‘Ones” Alfonsos, born in 1984, and currently living in Yogyakarta since 1999, is closely connected to the art collective and youth culture movement of the city. He began his DJ career in 2007 with Mystical Soundsystem & Involve, in a back2back format, and continues in many DIY and DIWO party movements in Jakarta – Yogyakarta – Bali. Notably, he has been a member of ENERGYROOM, an underground party crew movement since 2004, and is one of the founding members of Happy Swinging and 480Minutes, popular outdoor party  atherings in Yogyakarta. For over a decade Ones has been performing at various events around Indonesia and South East Asia. He toured in the Philippines, Japan and South Korea after joining the Kingdom of Rebel (KOR) crew in 2013, a new media and art collaboration by House of Natural Fiber. His latest project is Casual Dance, a party concept born out of Ones’ desire to give back to the music and keep pushing the underground party scene in Yogyakarta. DJing a wide musical selection he proves – music is not a competition.