LATEX: Concrete Jungle

In these last few years, Latex has been quite busy spreading internationally his distinctive sounds, full of different influences and anchored in solid, old school House Music rootsHis total control throughout all his brilliant live sets, made every performance a highly danceable entertaining experience beside the fact that he has a undeniable interesting, catching personality.

So what’s the story behind the name ‘Latex’, and since when did you use it?
I have been Latex since 2008, at that time I was a VJ. I remember the very first time I used this name during a theatrical installation and visual collage for a project with Setu Legi in Jogja.

What did inspire your live sets?
I was inspired by a live set group from Jogja called TEKNOSHIT, it was 1998. I was close to Ario – member of TEKNOSHIT -, I visited his studio many times and I was there during their live set arrangement process. In 1999 I was working on a cruise ship; this gave me the opportunity to attend many electronic music concerts and events abroad. Around 2000 I bought my first Roland Groovebox MC-303 and I started experimenting simple pattern creations while I still had not found the courage to perform live. After that, I bought a secondhand Roland Groovebox MC 307, which came with bonus midi cable. I connected the two Groovebox together and assigned one as beat source, and the other one to bassline and synth. I found out that composing an arrangement with the Groovebox’s step sequencer system is quite hard, but then I tackled the problem buying a midi to usb converter, drawing the midi note arrangements in a DAW (Cubase), then slave playback it to the Groovebox, recording it bar per bar, and ending up creating simple arrangements.

Now you choose Acid Jazz as form of expression. Can you tell us more about this choice?
I was just curious to sample acoustic musical instruments. Oh yes, most of my arrangements are sample based. 

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