Jakarta – Bali
It all started in 2008, armed with a passion for and collection of original 7″ Reggae Jamaican pressings – Doctoryez was born. His love for this genre brought him and a friend together to form what has now become one of the most celebrated soundsystems in Jakarta, “Fever Soundsystem” – playing everything from vintage dance music, to soul to Jamaican tunes. There is no doubt that music holds a significant role in his life- in 2010, he worked in a record store for three years, and started writing about music regularly as a music journalist. Doctoryez continues to explore his musical artistry and has been featured on regional and
international scale festivals, where he finally discovered his distinct ‘sound’ as a DJ – a sound which creates a connection between the mind and soul, that speaks a smooth-bodied language of music ( 4/4 ). Most times , you can try and find Doctoryez – at Golden Hour by the beach in Sugarsand and Mano Seaside. Other times, you will spot him mixing it up with the Tantra crew around the island – all times, you can find Doctoryez in equally exciting circumstances.