It was a cloudy day at our bunker. Rainy season has finally hits full force on the island and Belda, our guest for today’s edition of Paddy Groove, just came to visit us at the studio earlier. The brain behind the infamous Imaginary Pirate radio show (which started back when she’s still finishing her master degree in San Francisco), the “Never Too Disco” party series, and HDYLW (How Do You Like Wednesday, a weekly on Jakarta’s infamous leftfield hangout MONDO) were in town for a set on the anniversary event of a well known ‘edgy’ publication at Potato Head two days before.

I have just arrived and walked through the entrance when I spot her lying on the living room sofa while having a conversation with Ones. She seems to be tired from all the excitements from yesterdays. But I don’t know, perhaps it’s just the weather. After a couple of smokes and how are you’s, we went up to the studio to do the recording.

“Uggh, so confused.. I don’t know what to play..” She said, twisting the cdj knobs while browsing through her playlists.

“What do you recon I should play?”

“Umm.. I don’t know..” I answered randomly. “How about something that you’d play in a tropical setting, something almost beach-clubby but switch the beach with paddy fields, and the lounging tourists as buffaloes?”.

“Hahahah! Tai lo!”

I left downstairs to grab a beer and decided to lounge on the living room sofa afterwards, gazing at the dripping raindrops on the window’s glass. Belda has started playing on the studio upstairs, and I don’t know whether it was the music or the weather, but I feel like a content buffalo for the day.

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