Paddy Grooves, an island life sonic sketch broadcasted from the legendary Tantra Bali Creative Space & Studio on the island of the gods. It is the sounds that came from deepest places in the island, the winds that blows from its streets, coasts, hills and paddy fields, where life stories unfolds through whispered chapters told from lips of strangers and friends that come and goes. Started as an idea that came from the shiny dome of Tantra Bali’s music director, the Jakarta born Bali resident Doctoryez, Paddy Grooves transmits not only music, but also various sounds that came through the timeless art of sound making. Paddy Grooves is the imaginary home away from home for lovers, record collectors, music enthusiasts, party kids, hustlers & dealers, and all our brother and sisters from all walks of life.




Taste of Nusantara
Few months ago, RMP – one of the three members of Uwalmassa, Indonesian experimental music project – released an EP called Rekanan on Jakarta based label DIVISI62. RMP is closely linked with a thick jazz background. During his production process he always deliver the sound journey he passed through, keeping the taste of Nusantara as a strong musical element. Let’s get to know more about him.

LATEX : Concrete Jungle
In these last few years, Latex has been quite busy spreading internationally his distinctive sounds, full of different influences and anchored in solid, old school House Music rootsHis total control throughout all his brilliant live sets, made every performance a highly danceable entertaining experience beside the fact that he has a undeniable interesting, catching personality.

An anonymous techno music live performer and DJ consist of 2 producers from DEAD Records roster. Using analog from modular, synth, to sampler and drum machine on their live set combine with unorthodox DJ set from techno, industrial, rave, bass, grimes, EBM, and electroclash musical spectrum.

It was a cloudy day at our bunker. Rainy season has finally hits full force on the island and Belda, our guest for today’s edition of Paddy Groove, just came to visit us at the studio earlier. The brain behind the infamous Imaginary Pirate radio show (which started back when she’s still finishing her master degree in San





Casual Dance / Energyroom
Sostenes ‘Ones” Alfonsos, born in 1984, and currently living in Yogyakarta since 1999, is closely connected to the art collective and youth culture movement of the city. He began his DJ career in 2007 with Mystical Soundsystem & Involve, in a back2back format, and continues in many DIY and DIWO party movements in Jakarta – Yogyakarta – Bali. Notably, he has been a member of ENERGYROOM, an underground party crew movement since 2004, and is one of the founding members of Happy Swinging and 480Minutes, popular outdoor party  atherings in Yogyakarta. For over a decade Ones has been performing at various events around Indonesia and South East Asia. He toured in the Philippines, Japan and South Korea after joining the Kingdom of Rebel (KOR) crew in 2013, a new media and art collaboration by House of Natural Fiber. His latest project is Casual Dance, a party concept born out of Ones’ desire to give back to the music and keep pushing the underground party scene in Yogyakarta. DJing a wide musical selection he proves – music is not a competition.



Starting off as an underground music and dance scene enthusiast, Kai slowly evolved his musical journey through Balearic, Funk, Boogie, Electronica, House, other obscurities and so much more. Along side his fellow TANTRA creative collective of local Balinese based artist and musicians. In doing so he’s provided the local underground artist in the scene with many opportunities to showcase their sounds and talents. He’s often seen collaborating with other musical collectives with similiar mindsets and prespectives. He’s true innovator here amongs the local Balinese underground music and arts scene and he’s helped take that scene to higher level on the island and beyond. It’s easy to see what a truly great passion it is for him.


Darker Than Wax / SCRUBS!
Being an avid collector of sounds for years, Archie started on the decks in 2009 also producing & remixing tracks on the side. Archie saw his beginnings from crashing the console at house parties, progressively moving on to gigs in bars, clubs, festivals and international gigs. He has since been playing alongside international tastemakers such as of LeFtO, Dam-Funk, ONRA, Detroit Swindle, Jazzanova, Auntie Flo, Basic Soul Unit, San Soda, and Grammy winning Starro from Soulection to name a few. Spearheading Jakarta and Bali’s  peration, Archie is a member of record label Darker Than Wax based in Singapore, which has been constantly pushing the boundaries of underground and leftfield music. This selector has brought his genre-bending sets to a number of familiar and unfamiliar venues, running tri-monthly nights called “SCRUBS! ” along with Jakarta’s rising selectors. A sound enthusiast with an honest and tasteful selection with varying styles.

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Jakarta – Bali
It all started in 2008, armed with a passion for and collection of original 7″ Reggae Jamaican pressings – Doctoryez was born. His love for this genre brought him and a friend together to form what has now become one of the most celebrated soundsystems in Jakarta, “Fever Soundsystem” – playing everything from vintage dance music, to soul to Jamaican tunes. There is no doubt that music holds a significant role in his life- in 2010, he worked in a record store for three years, and started writing about music regularly as a music journalist. Doctoryez continues to explore his musical artistry and has been featured on regional and international scale festivals, where he finally discovered his distinct ‘sound’ as a DJ – a sound which creates a connection between the mind and soul, that speaks a smooth-bodied language of music ( 4/4 ). Most times , you can try and find Doctoryez – at Golden Hour by the beach in Sugarsand and Mano Seaside. Other times, you will spot him mixing it up with the Tantra crew around the island – all times, you can find Doctoryez in equally exciting circumstances.  

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